How Would You Like to Help Children...
And Make Money at the Same Time?
And How About If You Can Do This at
No Cost To You?

Introducing the I'm So Proud Of® free to join affiliate program where you can help children build confidence in themselves and be motivated for a lifetime of happiness.

I'm So Proud Of® is a product that is easy to sell, powerful for children, helpful for adults, contains no fat, sugar or calories and is 100% pure motivation and encouragement for children.

And, it requires no batteries, game consoles or wires--Just love and inspirational messages from an adult to the child or children in their lives.

The kits sell for $12.95 plus shipping at our site, but you will get a special sales page where you can offer it for only $11.95 including shipping and handling to anyplace in the USA and you'll make an 18% commission on all sales.

Click here to see what your sales page will look like.

Yes, you get 18% on the full $11.95 amount and there are NO limits to the number of kits you can sell.

Just imagine how many people you know with children and grandchildren between the ages of newborn to 14+ and everyone you send your sales page to should buy because who doesn't want to build confidence and motivate their children or grandchildren to be their best?

You are not selling an opportunity to anyone; you are only offering an excellent and affordable product to help their children and grandchildren.

The only requirement to be an affiliate is you MUST have a PayPal account as we will only pay commissions via PayPal.

We made the entire affiliate process simple and instant, so sign up below and you will receive instructions on how to get your affiliate account with your special sales page, banners, text ads and everything you need to be selling in only minutes from now.

I'm So Proud Of® is something that a child can keep forever as a reminder of their self worth and how much they are appreciated and you can be part of this important building process.

Remember there is absolutely no cost to you to become an affiliate of I'm So Proud Of®.

Please fill in the form below and I will rush you your instant setup details.

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After you submit the opt-in form above, you will receive a double opt-in confirmation email. You must click the confirmation link to confirm you are a real person who really wants to be an affiliate of I'm So Proud Of®. Your email address and other details will NEVER be sold, rented or shared with anyone. If you decide after you subscribe to get the details that you don't want to be an affiliate, you can remove yourself by clicking on the unsubscribe link in your instruction email.

My name is: Ray Cooney
My phone number is: 0404044165
My Email Address is: [email protected]