We think that is way too high and now we are doing something about it.

With Ad-Alyzer, you will:

A top quality, independent ad and link tracker and cloaker will save you thousands of dollars in lost time and money.

All Successful Online Marketers
Always Track Their Ads and Links
And Mask Their URL's...

Successful Marketers track all their advertising-even if they only use free advertising because if the free advertising is not resulting in hits to their sites, they will not waste their time placing more ads.
When you use our ad tracker, you will know exactly how many hits are coming from every link you have on every site on the Internet. So, if a site is not producing hits, you stop wasting your time with that service.
Successful Marketers use a masking URL from our Ad and Link Tracker to hide their affiliate URL so people cannot remove their affiliate ID from a link and go directly to the company they are promoting. They want their commissions and by masking the affiliate URL, they get them.
Successful Marketers know exactly where their hits are coming from because they know that hits turn into sales and sales means they are making money and that is what they are working online for-To Make Money!
Now, you might think it is okay to rely on some free ad tracker or rely on the advertising site giving you an ad tracker, but there are 2 very bad things that will happen with free ad trackers.
Number One, free ad trackers are ad infested which means you will be promoting something for someone else, every time you use that link.
Number Two, Using an ad tracker supplied by an advertiser is like letting the fox watch the hen house. There is absolutely no way for you to get an honest evaluation of how many hits you get from an ad if you let the advertiser track your links for you.
Of course, they are going to tell you that you're getting tons of hits because they want you to get more of their fake advertising.

Now You Understand the Problem.
Are You Ready For the Solution?

Okay, so now you understand what we're talking about and you now see that having a third party and objective ad tracker and link cloaker is going to save you tons of time and money immediately and long term.

But, ad trackers are expensive and hard to use right? WRONG! Let me tell you why.

The ad tracker you are going to get today does sell for $97/year (if you go directly to the Ad-Alyzer.com site). However, we are willing to offer it to you at a great price for much, much less.

We understand the issues of people not tracking their ads. And, we know that by allowing you to make one more commission from any program you're involved with will more than pay for what you will pay today.

Here is what Ad-Alyzer will do for you:

From this day forward, you will know where your hits are coming from for every webpage, URL, link, and ad, on the Internet and you will never lose a commission because of link hijacking.

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Okay, so now about that price...

If you go to Ad-Alyzer.com, you would pay $97/year which is a great price for a service that does so much and saves each client thousands of dollars in wasted advertising and time plus ensures you never lose an affiliate commission again.

But, because the company that owns Ad-Alyzer is set on ensuring that everyone who wants to track their ads, save time and money on advertising and increase their affiliate commissions by over 35% per year, they are offering Ad-Alyzer to you for Only $39/year.

And, if that's not good enough for you, they will give you 2 additional years for FREE! You'll get 3 years of one of the best ad-free ad, link and URL masking services for only $39. And after 3 years, you simply pay another $39 and we will give you the same offer of buy one year, get two years free.

Get 2 Additional Years FREE But, Do It TODAY!

And, the icing on the cake is this:

When you get Ad-Alyzer today at only $39 for three years, we will also include an Extreme upgraded account in ISORegister.com. ISOR will give you a URL rotator, capture page creator and a 50% payout affiliate program where you simply give away ISOR accounts and earn money on everyone who upgrades there for $7/month. YOU WILL WANT THIS ADDITIONAL INCOME GENERATOR!

If you just got the ISOR Extreme account by itself, you would pay $7 a month, but we are including it with your Ad-Alyzer account for FREE!

Don't put this off because every day you're not tracking your ads and masking your links is money and time lost.

You'll get Ad-Alyzer for 3 years and the ISOR Extreme account for 3 years and your only cost is $39. After 3 years, you can keep both by paying another $39 for another 3 years.

Your payment today will NOT automatically process in 3 years, but your account will be locked in at the $39 rate for 3 years for as long as you want to work online.

Get your account now and you can be tracking your links, ads and URL's and protecting all your affiliate links within minutes. All for only $39.

Please note: You CANNOT use Ad-Alyzer for any illegal links or sites such as hate, racist, porn, terror, malicious, viruses etc. In addition, you cannot use Ad-Alyzer in any spam related activities such as bulk emailing. Anyone abusing the Ad-Alyzer service in any way will have their account deleted and there will be absolutely no refunds. If you ever have questions about the use of Ad-Alyzer, please contact us using the contact us form in your member area so you avoid issues with your account. We want you to have great success online and we will not allow anyone to abuse the Ad-Alyzer service.