We're sick of the lies.
We're sick of the scams.
We're sick of people being cheated.
And We're Doing Something About It!

The 12 Second Commute System is putting the scammers on notice and we're making it possible for you to have the opportunity you deserve.

We provide everything you need to work online legitimately including:

Every Online Tool You Need!
Autoresponders, Ad Trackers, Capture Pages, Splash Pages, URL Rotators, and much more. These tools are not out of the box tools as we have built all of them from the ground up and we are constantly updating them so you don't have to use tools from the stone ages in the 21st century.

Training and Support!
We offer outstanding training and support and we never treat you like some green headed bug eyed alien because you have a question. We know that your success means our success so by helping you,
it helps us.

Fast and Easy Setup!
Actually the initial setup is done automatically as soon as you sign up. You'll get 4 splash pages and your first Autoresponder live and ready to roll. No other service on this planet will do that and while we have not visited other planets we're going to step out on the limb and say nothing else in the Universe will do this for you.

All Inclusive No Hype Service Anyone Can Do!
We include everything and we don't feed you hype, lies or misleading income statements. We give you the truth and we show you exactly how to build your business the right way. And you'll get the new services we're building at no additional cost.

Awesome Affiliate Program!
We offer one of the best affiliate programs and provide excellent promotional tools to help spread the word. And the Marketing Success Guide gives you all the information you'll ever need to build this or any business.

Extremely Affordable for Everyone!
We're currently featuring accounts that will not create a financial hardship for anyone because we know that by helping you now, it will help us later and working together we all win and that's what business is all about—Winning!

It's your turn to win and achieve the success you deserve.

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You will be sent an email with a confirmation link that you must click to activate your account. Please no Yahoo or Boxbe email accounts. If you don't like what you see during your review, cancel your account and you'll never hear from us again.

It does not matter where you live, what you've done online in the past or what you're doing now. 12 Second Commute will allow you to achieve online success.

With our easy to follow approach to working and succeeding online, everyone from the first time user to the established online veteran will find 12 Second Commute to be a rewarding and enhancing experience.

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