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The 12 Second Commute System includes easy to use and ad-free online tools such as an :


Ad and Link Tracker

Capture Page Creator with dozens of ready-made templates

More than 600 Online Training Videos

Blog and over 1,000 Blog articles for you to use

URL Rotator

List Builders—You will get over 20 of these and they will work on Auto-Pilot

Income Generators that will have others making money for you.

And much more .

Then we made it easy so in less than 3 minutes you can have 43 capture/sales pages and 3 Autoresponders setup and working for you. Yes, we said less than 3 minutes. We are the only Autoresponder on the Planet that can be setup this quickly and easily.

And we made it powerful so as you grow, your system grows right along with you.

Now, we’re making the system even better so you’ll have the ability to easily grow your lists and have other people working for you and making you money.

But first things first, sign up for your FREE review account without any payment information needed so you can review and see for yourself why so many people are taking advantage of what is the best business and opportunity on the Internet today.

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It's Your Life and It's Time You Take Control

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