12 Second Commute is a full service online business building resource center to help you work and make money online legitimately.

We provide the online tools, resources and training so everyone who is serious and sincere about working online can finally learn to do things right and get the truth.

You will not find any hype at our site or instant riches promises, fake income statements or any of the other stuff being used by online marketers to lure people into false hope.

What you will find is simply the best online business building resource center on the Internet and we give you a free 30 day review without any credit card or payment details required.

Take the first step to online success and let us show you exactly how 12 Second Commute will help you-today, tomorrow and all your future tomorrows.

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It's Your Life and It's Time You Take Control!

You Will Benefit With 12 Second Commute If You:

  • Want to Make Money Online
  • Promote an Affiliate Program
  • Are Just Starting To Work Online
  • Are involved in Network Marketing
  • Want to Build Your Own Prospect List

12 Second Commute is All Inclusive and Provides:

  • Autoresponders
  • Training Video Ctr.
  • Capture Page Creator
  • Blog and Article Library
  • Pre- Made Capture Pages
  • Ad and Link Trackers
  • Easy List Builders
  • URL Rotators
  • Much More

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You will be sent an email with a confirmation link that you must click to activate your account. Please no Yahoo or Boxbe email accounts. If you don't like what you see during your review, cancel your account and you’ll never hear from us again.

It does not matter where you live, what you've done online in the past or what you're doing now. 12 Second Commute will allow you to achieve online success.

With our easy to follow approach to working and succeeding online, everyone from the first time user to the established online veteran will find 12 Second Commute to be a rewarding and enhancing experience.

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